How can I cancel the sponsorship?

We think it is a great pity that you want to give up your tree, but we understand that there are many different reasons to make this decision. This is not a problem. We will continue to take care of your tree and offer its harvest to those who do not have their own tree.

If you do not want to give the tree away, but think we could do something better, please let us know. You could also give the oil delivery to someone else. Is there someone in your circle of friends or family who would be happy about it?

If that's not suitable for you, we ask you to cancel your sponsorship yourself due to security reasons. 

Steps: Go into your garden and click on the tree you want to give away. If you scroll all the way down, you will find a link under the map that will allow you to end your sponsorship. Click on it and a few minutes later you will receive an email in which you must confirm the termination. At the beginning of the season you will no longer be asked to pay the annual maintenance. If you carry out this process during a current season, the termination of the sponsorship will only be valid for the following season

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