Why do I see another return address on the label of the shipment company?

All of our oranges come from our plantation in Bétera. They are scanned for the first time in a logistics center of the shipment partner in the destination country.

If, for any reason, the addressee should not be at home on the date of shipment or the shipment is impossible, we do not want the oranges and mandarins to be transported back all the way to Valencia. This would have an enormous effect on the environment and moreover, we would not be able to “reuse” the fruits as they will probably have gone bad by then.

When a box with our products cannot be delivered for any reason, we will not throw them away. The boxes go to a logistics center, where we store non-perishable products (wine, honey, oil) until we have enough accumulated to return them. The perishable products with a shorter lifespan (fruits and vegetables) are donated to a food bank. ZERO food waste.

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