Which costs are associated with my tree?

With the initial payment we assign a tree to you and reserve the harvest of one of its older siblings, that we already planted, for you, so you can start consuming fruits from the first season. During the first year, your tree has to grow in a greenhouse protected under the appropriate climatic conditions.🌱

Maintenance costs of your tree: At the moment you plant a tree you can see the annual costs necessary to care for and water your tree. Depending on whether you reserved half of the harvest (40 kg) or the complete harvest (80 kg), you pay a fee of 35€ or 60€. Each season we will send you an email to inform you about the maintenance costs of your tree. With that email you can already pay the costs for the following season and reserve your harvest. If you do not change the harvest amount, you will be automatically charged with the maintenance fee of the previous season.

Logistic costs: These are the costs associated with the human resources, material and  transport expenses necessary to deliver the oranges of your tree to the shipment address you have chosen. The human resources form an important part of these costs as they extend from the person that answers your phone call or email to the person that picks the oranges and prepares your order. The expenses for the box, the packaging material and the quickest possible transport from our plantation to your home are also included here. We have created the most ecologic channel that delivers oranges from trees to the final consumer as little time as possible.

Note: The shipment expenses are part of the logistics costs. It is important that we do not think that the logistics costs are only referring to shipment.

These costs vary from year to year because they depend heavily on the tariffs passed on to us by our logistics partners, the CPI and the competitive salaries for our team. We also achieved to reduce them due to the improved efficiency of harvesting and shipping the fruits.

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