How can I up- or downgrade the harvest of my tree?

A full-grown orange tree according our philosophy produces an average of 80 kg of fruit each season. This is the maximum amount of oranges you can consume between their harvest from January until beginning of April. If you accumulate a lot of kilos or you think that you will not consume as many kilos in one season, you have the option to only reserve half of the harvest, hence 40 kg of oranges. Still, you get to keep the whole tree, but we will offer the other half of the harvest to people that have not adopted a tree or that have already consumed all of their reserved kilos.

You have to make this decision at the moment of renewing your adoption. We cannot increase or reduce the number of kilos during season because it is the philosophy of our agricultural Crowdfarming model to send all the produced fruits. We cannot reserve kilos without knowing whether they will be consumed or not during the season.

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