When is the harvest season of oranges and how does it affect their taste?

The orange harvest starts in the middle of January and finishes at the beginning of April. During these months you can consume the harvest and order the fruit boxes gradually or all at once. You do not always have to send the fruit to yourself, but can only choose another address, for example when you want to give them as gift.

Cultivating oranges is not like producing screws in a factory. Each season has its peculiarity. Every time it is different, which is why you cannot compare the oranges of one season with the next. Our fruits have one thing in common that we can assure: For us quality equals naturalness and freshness. Our oranges have been cultivated without the use of herbicides or pesticides and were collected on the day of shipment, in order for you to receive them fresh. You will notice, that the first oranges of the season are more acidic and that over time the fruits become sweeter.

One of the climatic conditions that influence the sweetness of the oranges is the thermal difference between night and day. There are years in which this temperature difference occurs earlier and others when the chill is delayed.

A recently picked orange will always have a more acidic taste than an orange that ripened in a chamber. Since it is our philosophy to only harvest the fruit from the trees that we eventually send, their strong taste might surprise you. The initial acidity is lost naturally over the course of the days.

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